Supporting the move to online community programming

April 6, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been felt profoundly by countless communities and social circles.

Community organizations have responded by moving their programming online where possible—so that it’s available to those who need it most—and Enbridge’s community engagement specialists are helping with that change.

In Casper, Wyoming, community engagement advisor Cheryl Howard helped support the creation of one such resource.

“I reached out to The Science Zone, one of our community partners, to find out how we could be of help,” says Howard “They let me know they were thinking of moving some of their programming online to reach the kids who were stuck at home, and asked if Enbridge would be interested in supporting the initiative.”

As a result, Daily Dose of Science—a free, online resource for kids of all ages—was created.

“Access to STEM learning is incredibly important, and this is a fun and practical way that we can help provide that to kids right now,” says Howard.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a deep impact in the communities in which Enbridge operates. We’re providing support in our communities by advancing funds to respond and provide relief to those who are most vulnerable.

Our teams in our operating regions are working closely with our nonprofit community partners, our closest Indigenous and Tribal neighbors, and local governments to identify where resources are needed most – including food banks, social service agencies, mental health organizations, first responders and healthcare providers.